lauantai, 30. syyskuu 2017

StackCommerce buys Joyus to focus on video and expand into fashion

StackCommerce, which sells articles sponsored by brands and published on websites, has acquired the online video marketing company Joyus in an all cash transaction to expand its advertising footprint in media targeting women and work more with online video.


image: Lang Avondjurken

The media market for fashion, women’s health, and shopping is a new one for StackCommerce which has worked closely with websites like Mashable, Engadget and others. The company’s service is similar to Wirecutter, offering brands a chance to sell their gear on websites with sponsored reviews.

Now, with Joyus, which started life as an online Home Shopping Network and pivoted into providing video reviews for websites like Aol (which is owned by Oath, which also owns me and my words) or Refinery29, StackCommerce can go after publishers that focus on health, fashion, beauty, and design.

As a result of the acquisition, Joyus’ team is getting cut, according to a person with knowledge of the deal. Select team members will be joining StackCommerce in specific roles that have yet to be determined the person said.

While this is StackCommerce’s first acquisition, it likely won’t be the company’s last. The company, which is working with over 750 publishers today, will likely want to expand its suite of monetization tools to include data targeting and personalization and subscription-based services.

From its humble beginnings in Los Angeles, StackCommerce has grown to employ 65 people form its headquarters in Venice. The company rolled out two new offerings earlier this year including a  Brand Studio product that lets publishers make on-demand advertising copy using the company’s editorial and video resources, and a feature called Momentum which distributes the company’s white-labeled reviews and advertisements across different social media properties.

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keskiviikko, 6. syyskuu 2017

Alessandra Ambrosio and nine-year-old daughter star in new fashion campaign

Supermodel mama Alessandra Ambrosio is joined by her mini-me daughter Anja in a new fashion campaign for New York denim brand Jordache.


image: Balklanningar Online

The Brazilian bombshell and her darling nine-year-old daughter are the very first mother-daughter duo to star in a photo shoot for the iconic Brooklyn-based label.

Little Anja is seen twinning with mama Alessandra, 36, in matching denim jeans.

"Jordache is an iconic denim brand that speaks to a wide audience in a truly positive way," the supermodel said in a brand statement. "For me, to be able to shoot with my daughter and show her that we can work together and have fun only highlights my belief that women are creating more space and balance in their family and professional lives and also becoming more multi-dimensional. Doing it all in a pair of great jeans makes total sense!"

"We are so excited to have Alessandra Ambrosio and Anja as the faces of Jordache," said Jordache president, Liz Berlinger. "With our 40th anniversary on the horizon, we wanted to draw on the brand's fun-loving disco history by highlighting our famous stretch denim fits, embracing optimism and self-expression. That's a look that never goes out of style. This beautiful mother-daughter duo reflects the iconic Jordache look: vibrant, playful and fun in a multi-generational way. Together, they represent not only one of the hottest faces in fashion but also the next generation of fashion."

The new campaign is for the women and girls' Fall/Winter 2017 collection and was photographed by famed snapper Cass Bird and styled by celebrity stylist Kate Young. Jordache continues to harness the power of celebrity with Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Hurley also having starred in previous ad campaigns.

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lauantai, 22. heinäkuu 2017

We gambled on a wedding in Las Vegas

The Nevada desert is baking, heat shimmering off salt pans that stretch like lakes towards the horizon. But if you squint hard enough down this endless highway you can make it out in the distance; that putrid, intoxicating, pulsating swamp of concrete, glass and neon, smeared in cheap lipstick, reeking of bad aftershave and throbbing with the noise of a million air conditioners and the shouts and sighs of a million more dreamers and connivers.

The couple were married at Caesar's Palace in July.

image: Brudklanningar Online

Las Vegas. By midday the temperature has hit 42 degrees and the Strip is thronging. Gamblers, squinting at their first sight of daylight, head to bars to forget their losses. Gawkers, wide-eyed despite the blinding brightness, wander aimlessly, overcome by the giant walls of cement and brick that threaten to break over them like massive waves.

Second time around for both of you. A few months earlier you'd both agreed you didn't want the pageantry and tradition of a regular wedding back home. Too much fuss, too difficult to pull together family and friends scattered far and wide across Australia. Besides, her first wedding had been a full-blown Italian affair – 350 guests, all demanding to be fed, watered and kept happy at huge expense. She was adamant that this time around it would be about the only two people who mattered. But Vegas, a place that has turned superficiality into world's best practice?

You had your concerns but this was what she really wanted so you put them aside, packed a suitcase and the pair of you caught a flight to LA and then hired a car and drove to Vegas, along that same stretch of road where the legendary gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, having ingested an amount of acid and other substances that would kill an elephant, staged his most outrageous adventure in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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maanantai, 24. huhtikuu 2017

Sylvia Jeffreys has Karl in stitches

Sylvia Jeffreys is finding out that no matter how old we get, things that look like vaginas and penises are just plain funny, OK? Case in point: her dress from the 2017 Logies, which is being compared to female genitalia. 


image:Balklanningar Sverige

Addressing the wardrobe mishap, the TODAY presenter explained to her co-hosts, Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic that there have been some "unflattering comparisons". 

"Some people are in a flap this morning [but] nothing controversial [was] intended," the newlywed, who celebrates her 31st birthday today said. 
Meanwhile, Karl, who is Sylvia's brother-in-law struggled to hold it together: "People are in a 'what' about it," Karl, 42, asked, clearly stirring the pot. 

Sylvia, also losing it herself, attempted to steer the conversation back to the grown-up realm by apologising to the designer, her friend, Rebecca Vallance. 

Sylvia married Peter Stefanic, 34, earlier this month at an intimate Kangaroo Valley ceremony in which Karl was Best Man. 

Sylvia isn't the only celebrity to be catapulted into the viral Hall of Fame for a wardrobe mishap. In March, Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew's Oscars dress lit up the internet while she reported from the red carpet.  

Her gown, designed by Rachel Gilbert, had a piece of material on the front, which swirled in a certain, vagina-like way. 

Naturally, heads turned. But thankfully, 33-year-old Edwina took the commentary in her stride writing on Twitter, "Vajayjaygate. Lucky I didn't put it in the middle." 

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Brud åter och bär "sentimental" tredje generationens brudklänning ner i gången

En amerikansk kvinna har blivit den tredje i hennes familj att bära en släktklenod brudklänning ner i gången samtidigt som tillsammans med sin farfar.

Sheath/Column Spaghetti Straps Floor-Length Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress With Applique

image: Korta Brudklanningar

Julia Christensen först provade klänningen som ett skämt när hon var sexton, men senare beslutat att återställa den och bär den för sitt eget bröllop, skrev hon på sin blogg.

"Min mormor, Phyllis, förde det vidare till min mor, Susan, som gav den till mig", skrev Ms Christensen.

Rocken gick allvarliga förändringar för hennes stora dag, sade hon.

Ursprungligen presenterade det långa ärmar och en båge underkjol och parades med en pärla choker.

Ms Christensens mamma bort bågen och låt kjolen hänga fritt, och accessorised det med ett hänge halsband och stor bukett.

När det kom till Ms Christensens tur, bestämde hon sig för att förlora jackan och älskling halsen.

Arvet förändring processen var lång, sade hon, och omfattade också tung städning och reparationsarbeten till spets.

Ms Christensens morfar Harold gick hon ner i gången, efter att ha genomfört samma ära för sin dotter Susan och första fru Phyllis.

Den nya brud hade några ord av varning för alla som ville försöka en liknande restaureringsprojekt.

"Medan han fortfarande billigare än många nya klänningar, ändra en 60 + årig klänning är inte billigt och det tar ett förståeligt lång tid", skrev hon.

"Börja tidigt och få allt skriftligen."

Sammantaget sade hon resan för att skapa sin "one-of-slag sentimentala brudklänning" var värt det.

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